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Links/Resources - I have gathered many years of useful information, and quality linking web sites that will confirm the power of positive thinking, and positive intention. I am preparing to publish all of this informative information so that you can become successful and wealthy. If you educate yourself with this information and use it, you will see a change in your life.

Pimp My Ride - The most popular car enthusiasts web site on the Internet, more then 5000 enticing pages, and many thousands of pictures, several sections for the picky web surfer, easy to navigate, sexy ladies and fast cool cars, burnout section, all the new hot vehicles, and thousands of high resolution desktop wallpapers to choose from, just to name a few, and it's all free.

Inventions - Several pages of useful information to help you with your ideas or inventions, a very popular web site for investors and inventors to visit and help each other, plenty of useful resources to help everyone.

Seeking Enlightenment - From Aromatherapy to Zen, we have all the information you need to end a stressful day feeling completely relaxed. Check out the Free Love Spells page and the Bath and Body section for free recipes to turn your ordinary tub into a day spa experience!

Cool Eco Cars - Check out how cool the newer era of Eco cars has become.

Cool C4 Corvette - A very cool car site with only C4 Corvettes 1984 through 1996 thousands of pictures and facts.

Raw H.P. - Raw Horse Power, a new web site of mine.

Truck Bed Liners - SPEEDLINER spray bed liner coating provides maximum performance, strength, and color stability.

Chrome Wheels - Triple plated chrome, shines like a mirror.

Spinner Wheels - Some of the coolest spinners you have ever seen.

Wire Wheels - Classic wire wheels, and talk about bling.

Alloy Wheels - Wheels out of most alloy's, carbon fiber and more.


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